LOTS® is a leadership tool used for facilitating leader, team, and business or organization development.

LOTS® has been on the market for fortythree years and reached people in over 60 countries, from eye surgery and diabetes care to hospitality business, university education and many more areas of leadership challenges both in the private and public sector. Here are some customers that uses LOTS® ...

The Philosophy and Tool
Facilitations of different kinds of issues, education, and certification of facilitators is based on our inspirational and continously developed philosophy and tool - LOTS®


LOTS® is a leadership tool which provides leaders and co-workers with an inspiring philosophy and a common language. It's also a structured tool for reflection, decision making, implementation and follow-up and can successfully be applied in larger and smaller issues. With open process questions accompanied by open analysis questions and reflection tools, LOTS® offers a holistic view throughout the whole process on any issue regarding leader, team, and business or organization development.


LOTS® makes us think and act Outside-in and Inside-out in a balanced way, i.e. true customer and stakeholder orientation. It helps us to get a common view on why we do what we do and how to do it in an appreciated and successful way, and helps us to move in the same direction in a positive and conscious way. LOTS® offers us a common language that in a profitable way facilitates planning, implementation and follow-up.



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Contact us for inspiration, education, facilitation and certification in LOTS®. Send us a message at info@scandinavianleadership.com or call us on +46 18 406 19 60.
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Hans Akerblom, hans@lots.se, +46 (0)705 13 66 02

John Dunnigan, john@lots.se, +1 (908) 788-9661

Stephan Stahl, stephan.stahl@quest-team.se, +46 (0)18 406 19 60


There are almost 6.000 facilitators certified in LOTS® around the world, active in all kinds of organizations - commercial ones, NGOs and government institutions. Contact us at Scandinavian Leadership for a dialogue with an experienced Lotscoach® to find out what we can do for you.