Leadership from Heidelberg Engineering in Germany

Leadership from Heidelberg Engineering in Germany and their key subsidiary in the United States met in Boston recently.
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One plan and a common language for success

Having just one plan, as well as having a common language can be key to success. In this video Johan Geiding, Head of Business Process Management at Dustin Group, explains how.

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Online Meetup
April 23

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Partner, Senior Lotscoach® and creator of LOTS®
The holistic view and clear structure, LOTS® contributes …
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Partner, Certified Lotscoach® and also facilitates certification programs. Please feel free to contact me if you are int…
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Tommy Lindgren new partner in LOTS AB

March 26, 2024

Over 50 years ago, Hans Åkerblom developed the leadership process that later became trademarked as LOTS®. Now he is getting help with further development as Tommy Lindgren becomes a partner in LOTS AB. Tommy has extensive experience in business, having owned and operated an adv…

The importance of reflecting from outside-in and inside-out.

February 02, 2024

  Hans Åkerblom

To turn 50 as a philosophy, a language, and a tool and process for planning is significant. But honestly, perhaps it's most significant for those of us who work with LOTS® ourselves? At the same time, it's a fantastic opportunity to reflect on all we've learned and how we can…

Rubino Recruitment works to grow

September 07, 2023

Rubino Recruitment works to grow. The company has a new CEO in Hanne Rubino and has hired Karin Åkerlund as a new recruiter. A strong brand is required, how should the company be perceived and position itself going forward? To reflect and make decisions about it, they work with L…